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Natural Resources Board

Welcome to the Natural Resources Board's Act 250 Online Portal for Application and CACC Form Submission

Choosing the Right Form

It is recommended you contact the District Coordinator for guidance on which form to use for your Act 250 land use project (see Contacts below). You can then choose the appropriate form according to the form's described use (see Forms section at the bottom of this page). Note: It is important to identify the correct form as submission of an incorrect form requires filling in a new form (no data or previously answered questions transfer over).

Application or CACC Submission

Once you reach the “Certify and Submit” section of the ANR/NRB Online forms, follow the instructions and then click on “Finalize Submission: Submit Form” to submit. How to download the payment voucher is covered in the Act 250 Application Guide (see Additional Links below).

Submitting Supporting Documents (Exhibits) for Your Application via Our FTP Site

Please upload all Exhibits (i.e., documents that are required for and/or that you believe are necessary to support your application) to our FTP site using the log-in information provided in our application guide. Do not use a web browser to open the FTP site with a PC. The application guide contains step-by-step FTP site instructions; exhibit guidelines, folder, and file naming conventions; and other steps necessary for the submission of a complete application.

Payment Voucher and Application Fee Check Mailing

Once you submit your application here and upload your exhibits to our FTP site, please print and mail the payment voucher and a check payable to “State of Vermont” for the application fee to your District Office to the mailing addresses listed in the Contact section below.

Project Number Assignment

Your District Office will assign a project number (aka known as “application number” or “permit number”) to your application within 1−2 days of application submission. You will receive this number via Schedule G - Notice of Initial Application Filing form. Please be sure to reference this project number in all future correspondence with the District Office, etc.

Schedule G – Notice of Initial Application Filing

Upon the filing of an application, the District Office will send by electronic means (and by mail, when needed) a Notice of Initial Application Filing (Schedule G) that contains a URL link to the application in the public Act 250 Database (see Additional Links below) and the assigned project number to the following persons: the applicant, the landowner if the applicant is not the owner, the municipality in which the land is located, the municipal and regional planning commissions for the municipality in which the land is located, ANR, and any adjacent Vermont municipality and municipal and regional planning commission if the land is located on a municipal or regional boundary. The town clerk will publicly post the notice in the town office. Application documents can be reviewed on the Act 250 database by searching the project number contained in the Schedule G Notice.

Providing Supplemental Documents

If you receive a written request (an “incomplete” letter) from your District Office to submit supplemental documents for your application (after your initial online submission), follow the instructions in the application guide.

Troubleshooting and Assistance

If you are having trouble with any portion of the application form submission process, including uploading your exhibits to the FTP site,

  1. call or e-mail the District Office staff who will walk you through the process over the phone (see Contacts below). District Offices are video-conferencing-enabled and can share a web-based screen with you (or you with them) to walk you through the process step-by-step;


  1. visit the District Office in person to use a dedicated Act 250 computer to fill in and submit your application and accompanying documents online.

Contact Information

Address: Montpelier District Office (Districts 5, 6 & 9 Environmental Commissions)
10 Baldwin Street
Montpelier, VT 05633-3201
District email inbox:

Essex District Office (District 4 Environmental Commission)
111 West Street
Essex Jct., VT 05452
District email inbox:

Rutland District Office (Districts 1 & 8 Environmental Commissions)
440 Asa Bloomer Building
Rutland, VT 05701
District email inbox:

St. Johnsbury District Office (District 7 Environmental Commission)
374 Emerson Falls Road, Suite 4
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
District email inbox:

Springfield District Office (Districts 2 & 3 Environmental Commissions)
100 Mineral Street, Suite 305
Springfield, VT 05156
District email inbox:
Contacts: Act 250 District Staff phone/email info : See "Additional Links" section below

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