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Air Quality Planning Section

The registration of point sources of air pollution emissions provides valuable information to the Agency for the development of air pollution management strategies intended to ensure our air remains in compliance with state and national ambient air quality standards.  Air pollution registration inventories provide the Agency with the location of significant air pollution emission sources, the types and quantities of those emissions, as well as stack dispersion parameters which aid in the prediction of air quality impacts.

Program overview

Section 555c of Title 10, Chapter 23 and section 2822(j)(B) of Title 3, Chapter 51 requires that any person operating or responsible for the operation of an air contaminant source emitting more than five tons of "criteria" air contaminants per year shall register the source annually and pay the designated fees.  In addition, each operator of a source listed in 5-802(2) of the VAPCRs which emits less than five tons of any and all air contaminants per year shall also register the source with the Secretary, and shall renew such registration annually.  The structure of the program is defined in more detail in the Vermont Air Pollution Control Regulations, Subchapter VIII.  A list of Hazardous Air Contaminants (HACs) are found in Appendices B & C of the regulations, and other detailed information pertaining to HACs may be located on  the Hazardous Air Contaminants page.

Since Air Contaminant Registration first became required in 1987, the Air Division has compiled a list of sources in the state subject to the requirement.  The Division attempts to contact any source which is likely to be subject to the registration requirement.  Once a source comes "aboard" and information has been processed for the first year of inclusion into the program, renewal of the registration each year is a relatively simple procedure.

If you need to register a source for the first time, the Air Division will need to organize your initial data submittal into a satisfactory representation of individual processes and stacks for your source (hereinafter referred to as "facility" because more than one source may comprise an overall facility subject to Air Registration).  Please contact Dan Riley (802-272-3695), the administrator of the program, to determine what (if any) information for your facility already is on file and what additional information may be needed.  Information regarding fuel consumption or process materials usage for the most recent calendar year is often required.  After contacting this office you will receive additional guidance.


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